7 Best Living Room Ideas

Living room is also popularly known as family room because of its functionality. Living rooms are spaces where we spend happy times with our family. It is so important for a person to make this space feels more comfy and cozy. So we can easily do this by inviting some happy elements to this happy space.

Color Combination Of Floor & Curtains

Walls:- Bright colors always reflects fun. You can make use of bright colors on walls. There are many different ideas to decorate such spaces but the areas with personal touch always feels good. Thus a canvas wall full of family picture frames is appreciable. You can put simple square frames symmetrically butputting different frame of different sizes in a manner brings your family to this room.

Best Floor & Walls Combination

The Families with kids are blessed. If you are a parent you can’t find a better artwork than your kid’s innocent drawing/paintings or family tree. In such ways you can decorate walls of living room by using personal stuff.

Beautiful Walls & Floor Combination

Shelves and niches :-Other options are to have shelfs on walls where you can put your favorite books that you loves reading.

Luxury Living Room’s Shelves & Walls Combination

Niches : –  You can display some artifacts on niches which beautifies your space more and lighting with spotlight.

Table, Carpet Combination with Sofa

Lighting :- Lighting is a essential element of any space. You can enlighten your Living Room by having a couple of windows. But in case it is not possible to have windows. Some cozy lights would always look good. As this is an informal sitting area having light lamps on either corners of room.

Lighting Combination With Living Room

Reading corner :-If you have a book lover in your family you can create a reading corner by adding a hanging light or readings light over a rocking chair.

Combination of Reading Corner in Living Room

Sitting arrangement :- Adding a comfy sitting arrangement is must in this room infact you can add a sofa cum bed which serves the two purposes in case of need in front of your TV .Colorful sofa or a simple sofa with some dramatic cushions on it will instantly through a pop of color in this room.

Combination of Living Room & Dining Room 

Floor :- Add geometrically printed rug under sofa and a coffee table over it.

Thus you can achieve a happy, personal yet beautiful space in your living room.

Best Combination of Floor & Sofa

Floor Design In Living Room 

Small Size Living Rooms 

Interior Decorative Living Room walls

Sofa’s In Living Room

Sitting Area Living Rooms

Formal Living Room

Settle Box In Living Room

Night Lighting Living Room

Living Room’s Wall Color Design

Side Bookcase in Living Room

Floor Of Living Room

Living Room With Nature View

Living Room Lighting Combination

Large Space Of Living Room

Home Office In Living Area

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