Shah Rukh Khan Home Tour

The majority of the Bollywood celebrities prefer spacious duplex flats, Shah Rukh Khan, who resides with his wife, together with children prefers bungalow. Gauri Khan is having an interior designer himself played a pivotal part along with her furniture designer named Tom Dixon, to flip this bungalow to a masterpiece using a neoclassical motif, contemporary and fashionable interiors with artwork in each nook.
This ocean facing bungalow is now a milestone in the region from the beachfront and a tourist place. It’s so large that roughly 225 people may live inside it. This 6-floor construction is an extension of this bungalow with a massive drawing room, library, fitness center, swimming pool, office, guest room, entertainment area, a cellar car-parking place, a boxing ring, and a table tennis table, stunning lawns spread out facing the home, enormous French doors and a whole lot more.

So prepare yourself to be inspired because we take you on a tour of their very fantastic house of a Bollywood star.

Mannat’s entry resembles the elegant palace that’s supported by massive columns.

Living room in Shah Rukh Khan’s home looks nothing under a French castle.

Walls within the living room appears purposely unfinished.

Gauri Khan only designs the insides…and one has to say she’s nailed it.

King Khan’s enormous library proves he is a bookworm, who enjoys studying biographies and poetry.

The King includes its fitness centre where he enjoys pull-up pub, vibrating elbows, and twisting push-up bar grips.

Fans out Mannat to see that the glance of Shah Rukh Khan.

Although Shah Rukh was very pleased with his flat, he was surely overlooking a private prayer space, that’s precisely why he’d begun searching for a brand new, more extensive and better home in Mumbai. And finally, he purchased a property worth INR 13.32 crore which is situated near Bandra Band Stand from Nariman K Dubash, who is working as a trustee in Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust.

With an estimated price of approximately INR 200 crores now, Mannat has initially been a little bungalow known as “Villa Vienna” and possessed by Kekoo Gandhy, a Parsi guy, by Gujarat. Shah Rukh Khan originally wanted to mention it “Jannat”; nonetheless, once he purchased it, all of his fantasies got fulfilled/came accurate, so he called it “Mannat.”

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