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World’s Most Expensive Homes

Home is a place where you spend most of your time. People always wanted to make their home as comfortable as possible. When it comes to rich people they cross all the limits of spending money on homes. Today I am going to share with you world’s most expensive homes. 7 Upper Phillimore Garden BY ….  Read More

World’s Most Expensive Cars

Cars are a necessity of today’s lifestyle and it is also a symbol of style and luxury. Many people spend most of their money on redesigning and buying their favorite super cars. Main things that attract people to super cars are speed, design and also brand. In this article I am going to share with ….  Read More

World Most Expensive Watches | Ideal Homez

Most Expensive Watches Well everyone just loves wearing watches. In past people usually wear watches just to get information about time. But now it become style symbol and also signs of luxury. Today watches cost around couple of bucks to million dollars. Watches that are limited edition, rare and antique are the most expensive ones ….  Read More

World’s Most Beautiful & Expensive Private Jets

When it comes to personal jets, you will find a few who are a cut over the rest. Nowadays, a select lucky few are taking luxury aviation to brand new heights with advanced ultra-long-range executive jets from producers like Gulfstream, and Bombardier. And then there are such daring enough to convert commercial airliners into lavish ….  Read More