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Hallway Decorating Ideas

Those often ignored strips of space that attach one room to another in your home—may represent an important function, but, especially if you live in a small home, you may resent them for the area space they take up on your floor plan. Simple cream wall hallways decoration ideas for design with black table & ….  Read More

Hallway Colour Schemes

Hallway Colour Ideas With modern color tones make your home look luxury and mind touching glowing. Traditional tone of your home and beautiful color is the most effective tool in your armoury. According to me you should be use crisp apple green to bright lemon yellow paint in your hallway. You can take a fancy ….  Read More

8 Décor Ideas for Your Hallway

Hallways Would be the most critical vertical spaces inside our houses so whatever people choose to perform decoration-wise must work flawlessly with all the other rooms that lead it off,’ says Marianne Shillingford, creative manager at Deluxe. ‘This decorating problem often contributes to us being super careful with color and using neutral light shades which ….  Read More