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Best Hanging Centerpiece Ideas

This decorative hanging flower chandelier is the perfect table centerpiece Just imagine a white table linen with fine bone china and amazing faux flowers if you want to create a unique, chic rustic table setting. Planning to Host a tea party/get together, at afternoon? You should do your best to be the Perfect and best ….  Read More

10 Small Dining Room Ideas

10 Comfortable Dining Room Ideas For Small Homes Even if your house is small, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create it charming and comfortable. Today, we have many comfortable dining room ideas that will leave you speechless. YOU CAN SEE ALSO: KITCHEN CORNER DRAWERS ARE A MUST-HAVE FOR TINY KITCHENS Having a luxuries eating ….  Read More

5 best decor Ideas to decor your Conservatory

Rarely seen in the house 20 decades back, in the current housing climate, it is now more rare to discover a property which has not added some elongated space be it in the shape of a conservatory, orangery, or perhaps full expansion. While valuable concerning the total amount of space they include, it may frequently ….  Read More

Color Design Inspiration Trends

Idealhomez come back with future looks really bright for color lovers. When it comes to color trends, In Social media platforms Like Pinterest and Instagram have enabled trends & industry experts are taking notice, involved these emergent color trends in their design to add more variety and reflect. In 2018 year diverse spectrum of color ….  Read More

18 Home Office Ideas

Create a workable office in your home with our home office ideas that is more functional and comfortable with modern design and fancy decorating scheme and Picture from Idealhomez. If you want to feel free stressed from cluttered office and cluttered minds than i think you should be use these office ideas your home office ….  Read More

World’s Most Expensive Homes

Home is a place where you spend most of your time. People always wanted to make their home as comfortable as possible. When it comes to rich people they cross all the limits of spending money on homes. Today I am going to share with you world’s most expensive homes. 7 Upper Phillimore Garden BY ….  Read More

World’s Most Expensive Cars

Cars are a necessity of today’s lifestyle and it is also a symbol of style and luxury. Many people spend most of their money on redesigning and buying their favorite super cars. Main things that attract people to super cars are speed, design and also brand. In this article I am going to share with ….  Read More

World Most Expensive Watches | Ideal Homez

Most Expensive Watches Well everyone just loves wearing watches. In past people usually wear watches just to get information about time. But now it become style symbol and also signs of luxury. Today watches cost around couple of bucks to million dollars. Watches that are limited edition, rare and antique are the most expensive ones ….  Read More

The World’s Most Popular Tourist Destinations

Hey buddies today Idealhomez talk about the top five most popular traveling destination in the world, In this article we show you how many people visited last year and what is the specific reason behind of these popular country in world. France 10 best places to visit in France. We all know about that france ….  Read More


BEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD According to the recently trend released World Best Countries in the world Report News, there’s a new best country in the world. Annual ranking considers satisfaction in 156 countries around the world based on various factor but we show you specific six factors such as: freedom, generosity, income, social support, ….  Read More