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Lighting is not just Lighting but more than this. If you want a complete makeover of your kitchen, your aim should be Lighting & Brightening. This picture is a before and after reflection of your kitchen with transformation.

Your Dining Table Should is in a different Shape as well as it provides enough storage to the owners of the kitchen.

Living in Australia for approximately eight years made the owners of this four-bedroom Seventies houses look very different. ‘Light & Space is more significant to us than era features today,’ they say. ‘This house was ideal for us when we came to see this, except the kitchen. It was overcrowded and its wooden units create darkness in the room. All this needs to be sort-up and light up!’

Now, taking down the wall that divided the dining room and kitchen. This carried lots of light and the substituted frames of dark wood with the white version, which looks much more practical.

Just to provide a normal as well as natural parting among the kitchen and dining areas, the units were organized in a U shape, and one edge of this formation acts as a peninsula. In Actual, between the two spaces, this was the place where the original wall was. The dining room which was an old one, hardly used so this fresh and different outline is a much more well-organized efficient use of space.

On the left-hand side, the U shape has room for a freestanding union the back wall which offers a lot more storage. Metal legs add an industrial edge and this raises the cabinet off the floor. This makes the kitchen feel larger and spacious than it actually is. In-built ovens have been positioned at a suitable height that needs no stooping/bending to get things in and out.

With its streamlined and clean appearance, the work surface offers a cheerful/bright difference to the wooden door fronts. ‘The counter surface cost over the units,’ say the landlords, ‘but if there is any small stain or scratch, it can be rubbed away very easily– this is wonderful.’

To enhance and add delicate pattern to the splash back, the couple selected Sixties-style collages tiles in neutral grey at the back of the room.

Changing the big oblong four-sided dining table for around one, let the couple has to fit ceiling-to-floor units in one angle just to hide their dusting materials. A roundtable top also suggests a big change from all the traditional lines of modern kitchen units, making it a friendly spot where the family & friends can meet. Unequal floor tiles in different sizes and shapes help to make the room feel comfortable and their simple but practical color is a useful choice for a young happy family.

Chairs in prime shades add a burst of liveliness to the pattern. The dining area with cool view of outside green and lively garden area enjoys large French windows, which add light feel to space.

Above the heater/furnace, the owners have attached a picture shelf (rack), for placing colorful outlined pictures on display without any requirement for wall hooks or anything else.

This small little corner has been finely thought out to link the two different spaces together. An ordered cushion preference the color of the splash back tiles, whereas an added red dining chair relates this little kitchen corner to a dining area.

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