Ultimate Guide To Buy Best Hoverboards

Frankly speaking, the hoverboards we all talk about now can not actually levitate or hover. Rather, they use brakes to roll across the floor so”Self-Balancing Scooters” would actually be a more precise name for them.They generally have two footpads with instinctive, cutting edge sensors to detect even the smallest movements. They are easy to command, twisting and reversing and moving when you lean forwards when you lean back . The hoverboards which are within the market come that these are secure, and may be utilized with no problems. To find the best hoverboard from the market can be a tough job. We will discuss the electrical hoverboards that available on the marketplace to deal with this problem. All these electric hoverboards are offered from the popular and best companies.so that the customer get the perfect outcomes. Thus, without further ado, let us have a glance at all of the stunning balance boards 2019.

1) Halo Rover X – Ultimate Hoverboard to Buy in 2019

The hoverboard on the list, we’ve got that the Halo Rover. Using maximum weight limit of 264 pounds, big tires, along with its aluminum fender wings, the Halo Rover X has been also now a complete monster of a hoverboard. This hoverboard gets the best rated customer testimonials in the market, a guarantee, and customer support that is leading. So do you receive a UL2272 hoverboard, but you have the financing of a company that is prepared to help you if you require it. It provides everything that you ever want in your hoverboard.

It offers No Fall Tech while it is turned on, in the kind of Ride-Assist, that retains the vertical and balanced.

Below are some high end features of Halo Rover X – Electric Balance Board:-

The Halo Rover X comes equipped with built in bluetooth system to play cool music with LED color changing wheel lights as well as rear brake lights to help you for a smooth ride at all times.

Our Halo Rover X hoverboards are durable, strong and hi-tech.

Its App functionality enables a rider to monitor location, mileage and samsung battery life.

Our products are UL 2272 Certified & comes with UL CE Certified Fire Safe batteries.

These self balancing electric hoverboards are  also a waterproof & dustproof and features a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour.

Halo Rover X hoverboards are the fastest and the cheapest self balancing boards and at the same time one of the safest hoverboards among others that’s why these are the best hoverboards for kids.

Halo Rover X hoverboards are the high quality balance boards and a good choice to buy now due its unbelievable features like bluetooth connectivity, Iphone App, free carry bags,  UL CE certified and many more. Such type of features makes it the best hoverboard to buy in 2019 and ranked on the position No. 1.

2)Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580 Bluetooth Hoverboard, Iphone & Android App Enabled, LED Wheels, Smart & Bold Self Balancing Electric Board

Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580 hoverboard is fully loaded with wonderful features that makes it super stylish hoverboard and perfect choice to buy today for yourself or your family and friends.         


Swagtron Swagboard bluetooth enabled balance boards are fast and cheap as well.

It is equipped with dynamic bluetooth speakers and Iphone/Android App Connectivity, make your ride more adventurous and entertaining than never before.

For advance riding mode, you can download swagtron app and unlock your self balance board’s full potential.

Its LED Wheels lights make it more attractive, apart from that, these hoverboards are long-lasting and UL 2272 certified also that ensures its integrity and safety.

The Swagtron hoverboards moves at the speed upto 7.5 mph. 

Swagtron Swagboard comes with high tech sentryshield battery technology and best battery system that secure the battery from any disturbance.

It is lightweight and offers short charging time, cool design tiers: 6.5 inch hard rubber and high max load 44-220 lbs

It is available in unique colors like blue, black and red.

So if you are looking for an adventurous & fun ride at a low price then go with Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580.

3) Go Trax Hoverly ECO – Best hoverboard for beginners

Have fun ride with Go Trax Hoverly ECO hoverboards.If you are in a learning phase then GoTrax Hoverboard is best for you. It is hoverboard and a minimal profile. What we like about this model are its own Bluetooth speakers. While driving the scooter, It’s possible to safely play your favourite songs and shake together. Thanks, Bluetooth! Do not be concerned about getting diverted. Since the maximum volume limitation is configured. You will continue to have the ability to listen to the noises. You are able to forget about episodes such as hoverboards. These are matters previously. This GoTrax hoverboard has passed the UL2272 certificate.hence one of the safest balance boards to buy. All electrical their battery, and charger programs have been tested to satisfy the standards. You can make certain to enjoy a secure ride. Its attribute is. The self balance board will probably self-level after all your movement to generate the scooter parallel to the ground. This incorporated intelligence makes it possible to get accustomed to the scooter quicker. 

I believe about Go Trax Hoverly ECO hoverboards as the latest smart innovative versions of skateboards more stylish, fast, and widely acceptable and available. Though if we see the past decade record, there were lots of controversy about the hoverboards crash and overheated nevertheless now technology has improved a lot as hoverboards are well tested and certified with UL CE certification.

More Details About The Product

The luxurious Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard balance board has a maximum rate of speed is 7.4mph. On a single charge it can go long about 12 miles moreover It also has two 250-watt motors. The Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard is additionally fitted using super-fast credit technology that enables users to reach maximum control for 1.5 hours. 

Things that are undesirable

The device has no bluetooth speaker system.If we look at other brand products they have bluetooth facility that enable riders to connect their smart phones with bluetooth system and play a music of their choice.

Even the GOTRAX’s Hoverfly ECO Hover plank is restricted to riders below the 220lbs body fat despite it being a standard feature on additional 6.5-inch hoverboards on the marketplace.

Convenient gadget for beginners & kids.Inappropriate to serve a vast range of riders ie above 220 lbs body weight.
Trendy & Cool Design with smart range of color optionsIt has no bluetooth speaker system that unables rider to connect with their iphones to listen the music of their choice.
Great maximum rate of speed is 7.4mph and maximum range is 1 miles.There are chances that some riders find its design bit edgy.
It is lightweight and portable
The hoverly ECO hoverboards are cheap, popular and highly recommended in the competitive market.
Moreover, it also has non-slip pads, color changing LED headlights, wheel lights and the training mode that makes it more acceptable and reliable among others.
It is available in unique colors like black, blue, aqua, yellow, so on..

4)Segway miniLITE Smart Self Balance Electric Personalized Transporter

This version is the miniPRO’s variant. In addition, it is much lighter. Making it a wonderful choice for beginners and cyclists alike. The hoverboard sports tires that are big, providing you the rides. It can take on various terrains from indoor spaces to outside areas. Do you feel that hours of practice riding a hoverboard such as a pro are entirely required? Segway surely doesn’t believe so. This intelligent scooter ride in minutes and can get you up even when you’re a complete novice! Yes, literally moments. You could be wondering: ? The features on this hoverboard would be the instinctive and sensors knee management bar.

In this manner, you can imagine this service like the hands of a parent reaching out to help their little kid learn to walk. Those two attributes together can provide you a fantastic amount of support. 

You will be able to ride and balance on your quickly. You can ride in confidence without the knee bar when your balance is well-developed.

Safe and ConvenientIt offers no music facility
Portable & DurableNot as much color options as in other brands
LED Wheel lights & Headlights
Iphone/ Android App Facility
Can ride very well on different floors
Have unique knee control bar
It provides maximum load 220 lbsRange per charge is 11 miles, Maximum speed is upto 10 mph.

According to me, you can buy this hoverboard if you are a beginner and want to learn to quickly then it would be the best choice to select among other categories.

5) Swagtron T6 Self Balance Board 12 MPH Speed OFF-Road Use

In every look we can see that the company has paid an extra attention to each and every part of a Swagtron T6 hoverboard which is robust, creative and durable.  Whereas other hoverboards always support maximum 220 pounds so 420 is almost double of that which I expected to explore in the market.SWAGTRON continues to be one of the leading businesses to make a number of the best hoverboards for some time now. Seriously, I have not seen the identical degree of remarkable hoverboards from any other firm so far. SWAGTRON T6 comes with built in carrying handle, that enables you to go anywhere you want efficiently. Apart from that, It is more desirable than other hoverboards as it is compatible with all kinds of grounds.

Moreover its superb design, security features like LED Wheel lights, non-slip pads makes it safe and secure.

Safe:- UL CE Certified As compared to others it is costly
It is an excellent option for OFF Road ride
Its Rugged design can handle upto 420 lb
Another important benefit is its Sentry shield that makes it more strong
Its Maximum Speed is upto 12 mph

For all those worried about rapidity, the hoverboard includes speed of up to 12 miles, although it might not seem like a lot, it’s actually above the normal average of 6 — 8 miles. Safety features such as the U 2272 certification in addition to the Sentry Shield battery security that ensures total security are available in the hoverboard.

6) Gyroor Warrior OFF Road Hoverboard With LED Wheel Lights & Bluetooth Speakers,  8.5 Inch Wheels, Best For Families – UL2272 Certified Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Have an idea: How long will it take one to balance yourself correctly? Let’s reveal the response. It’s true, you do not see that wrong. Gyroor’s smart safety system that is self-balancing will help you make you cruising in your hoverboard within a matter of minutes and find that sweet spot.

 In general , this is an electric scooter that’s sure going to become among the amazing gifts for you or your loved ones. 

Allow it to pull out the warrior in you and your loved ones. The scooter also sports two 350W motors using rubber tires to the stability and performance. You can play some songs on Spotify or right from your mobile phone, while riding.

 The quality is just great.

 It seems sick! For daredevils and thrill-seekers, this can be the hoverboard soulmate directly here. This monster is coated with a shell that is super. 

Speakers along with the Warrior connectivity have been a feature that is wonderful.

Their father did not let them put on earbuds so that they enjoyed they could listen to songs. And, once I journey to work if I am being truthful, I hear music, along with also crossing roads would not be secure with earbuds. Together with Bluetooth, I might fix the max rate of the board, or put it to Kid Mode’ . The colour of these LED lights may also be altered, which the children loved (but honestly did not do anything for me personally ). The aluminum and fat construction makes this texture underfoot that is hardy. You will find hoverboards promoted to children, but that felt more powerful than a few of these, which I enjoyed (and , having the ability to correct the maximum rate was fine if children wanted to ride it). Its tires are rubberized, and well absorb of lumps of a road and those shocks.

Robust manufactured with high quality materialHeavy structure
Bluetooth Speakers & Music FacilityBluetooth disconnectivity issue
Great Performance & UL 2272 certifiedLess usage instruction
Strong LED Wheels
Best for wide range of ages
Lightweight, easy and portable
Speedy Charge


Maximum load is 265 lbs, Tiers are manufactured with solid rubber 8.5 inch, maximum speed ranges 9.95 mph, battery performance 36V lithium-ion, charging time is 1.5 to 2 hours and various color opportunity blue, yellow, gold, black, pink.

7) Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self- Balancing Electric Scooter – The Best  Hoverboard of 2019

If you are looking for a world’s smartest hoverboard  in the market then you have come at the right place, Razor Hovertrax 2.0 hoverboard is brilliant example of creative technology.  You may wonder what is a key factor that makes Razor hovertrax 2.0 hoverboards so special. So your wait is over, we present you the all exciting features about these hoverboards


The Razor Hovertrox 2.0 possess UL2272 certification means this hoverboard actually follows all safety instructions guided by government ensures that these balance boards are secure and will not catch fire. Moreover, this hoverboard provides an amazing speed of more than 8 mph, 350 watt dual motors that are durable and effective. Furthermore, it takes only one hour for a full charge.

To run this hoverboard LG battery is required, these batteries are easily changeable  that’s why you can change it anytime and anywhere while riding on your hoverboard. Apart from that, there is an interesting fact about Razor Hovertrox 2.0 hoverboard is, Everbalance technology, through this technology, the hoverboard can balance itself and helps user to easily stand on it.

At the end, The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 comes with wonderful set of features like Colorful Blue LED Light bar display & battery power indicator, two unique riding modes which are beneficial both for beginners and experienced users.

So, if you are willing to buy Razor Hovertrax 2.0, then go for it!

8) VEEKO  Hoverboard  Two Wheel Self-Balance Electric Personal Transporter with Bluetooth Connectivity Affordable – Great For Passionate Riders

Budget FriendlyLimited colors are available for Hoverboard
Great Performance & LightweightNo Waterproof and dustproof
Safe – UL2272  CertifiedNo Bluetooth Speakers and App Connectivity
Durable & Effective motorLowest Speed offers ie 6 mph
High Performance Battery: 36V Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Dual 350W Powered Motor 
Smart & Creative Design
Charges rapidly, and switch off when not in use

Other important specifications are:-  its run time is 4 hours and range per charge is 6 – 9 miles, Max load is 44 to 225 lbs.

9) Hoverzon S – Electric Personal Self Balance Board, Long Lasting & Effective Dual Power Battery

This is another unique self balancing hoverboard available online or in the market at an affordable rate. It offers various functionalities like it has dual 250W motor, Maximum load is 220 lbs, the Maximum speed ranges upto 8 MPH and it can go long ranges upto 11 miles per charge. Ride with confidence as its tagline suggests Hover on, Let’s roll! Make your journey more special.

Smooth & Elegant DesignNo Bluetooth Speaker & Music
Convenient to HandleLittle Bit Slow
Follow Safety Instructions : UL2272 Certified
Manufactured by High Quality Material

Undoubtedly, the Aegis armor along with battery system surely makes it one of the suitable choices among others in the market. However, there are less improvements in this hoverboard when you compare it with others. Apart from that, Hoverzon S – Electric Personal Self Balance Board is available in unique colors and all have the same price.

10) XtremepowerUS Self Balance Off-Road 8.5 inch With Bluetooth Speaker Functionality – Best Hoverboard For Everyone Specially For Kids

Ever watched Back to the Future movie and seen those Nike’s self-lacing shoes? Even if you haven’t, you’ll surely love this super stylish self balance hoverboard. It looks so cool and futuristic. Our first impression of this buddy is that it would fit so well with those Nike’s self-lacing shoes moreover the design is awesome!

Innovative DesignLimited Color Option
Best Choice For KidsNot Suitable For Rough & Inclined Roads
Dustproof, Waterproof & Sand Proof Resistance
Have the Play Music Option
Fast and Stylish 
Modern and Good Value For Money
Bluetooth Connectivity 
LED Wheel Lights & Headlights
Energy Efficient
Safe & Secure Hoverboard : UL2272 Certified
Can Travel Upto 6.0 miles per charge
The Maximum Load is upto 200 LBS

Other specification of this hoverboard includes : product weight is 33 lbs, Max Speed is 9 mph, charge voltage: 100 -240V, 50 – 60 Hz. The inclusion of LED lights for signaling purposes make this hoverboard so special. Another important factor that you will receive from this balance board is the bluetooth system, which is commonly missing from the another cheap hoverboards. So this is definitely a good thing to see in this hoverboard. 

So from the above table you can easily noticed that there are few inconveniences that a user can suffer from this hoverboard. Other than that it is a good option as gifts for kids.

11) SEGWAY miniPRO – Personal Transporter Awaits You

One of the  luxurious & cool balance boards possess graceful features like decent charge time, smart speeds, can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Different wheel size have unique charging capacity. If we talk about smaller 6 inch wheel size hoverboards then it takes less time for charging.

Beautiful & Evergreen DesignNot compatible with all age groups
Easy To Ride For Beginners
APP Control Functionality
Fast & Road Adaptive
Best For Riders Above 16  and under 60
10.5 Pneumatic Air Filled Tires
Range per charge is 12.5 miles

12)  EPIKGO Self Balance Scooter – Best Hoverboard

Last but not the least, EPIKGO self balancing scooter is a unique combination of attractive features. Some beneficial Key Points of EPIKGO balance board are MAX Load is 265 Lbs, Tires 8.5 inch alloy wheels, Required charging time is 2 hours & range per charge is more than 10 miles.

Ensures Safety Integrity : UL2272 CertifiedHeavy Structure:- 31 lbs
Super Strong Motor
Wide LED Wheels & Aluminium Frames
Waterproof & DirtProof
Robust Design
Fast & Adventurous Speed
It offers more foot space
Available in a wide variety of colors such as: Black, Rose Gold, Elite, Silver, Grey, Blue

Best Key Factors of a Safe & Quality Self Balance Hoverboard

The 7-inch brakes onto a typical hoverboard permit for a balance of features. They attain speeds that are decent, have decent charge-times, and can be used inside or out. Hoverboards with wheels charge quickly, but should merely be used indoors. 8-inch wheels add stability, and brakes are all for off-road adventuring.

A typical 7-inch hoverboard includes a weight limitation of approximately 220 pounds (100 kg). Any third party certification body that’s licensed for UL 2272 merchandise certificate is sufficient to affirm compliance. Use care and common sense in making your purchase. In case the hoverboard you are taking a look at is a great deal less costly than its rivals, it might not be compliant with UL 2272. 

Quit working with a remembered hoverboard quickly and contact the maker to your treatment. If you weigh over 220 pounds, you may either choose the 10-inch hoverboard or even your AirWheel, as both may encourage heavier passengers, using a weight limitation of about 264 lbs (120 kg). Guarantee that the hoverboard is compliant with all applicable security standards, such as UN 38.3 (battery powered ), UL 1642 (battery powered ), UL2272 along with UL 60950-1 (charger). 

Technology Behind Smart Hoverboards

A hoverboard is essentially a board with one wheel at each end, the plank in the middle itself really serves as a platform to get the person to stand on, and for people who don’t know, the board at the middle is basically split into two parts so the rider can stand on them.

The Origin of Hoverboards

On the other hand, the interesting part is that there’s no universally accepted title of those hoverboards, and the majority of the titles you’ll be viewing on this record are essentially based on a number of characteristics which are supplied to them from the businesses which distribute them rather than producing them. The hype as well as the trend proved so extreme that actors of all kinds of kind began supporting these hoverboards, and they exploded . Hoverboards’ very first sighting began in 2014 in China, and after that, the apparatus began becoming well known in 2015.

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