7 Design Ideas to Enhance Your

Kitchen Design: In Indian households, the thing which is very much common, is the size of the kitchen. This might become the problem in most of the houses. There is the need of creative thinking so that you can get the optimum use of the space you have. Apart from this, you can get ideas about how to use the hidden space as cabinets under the kitchen counters. Here we mention the top 7 areas which you must notice if you want some extra space in your kitchen.

Above the Refrigerator: A refrigerator, stove and sink are the three major vertices, when we talk about kitchen. From these three, the refrigerator takes up the most floor area. Though, most of the refrigerators stop much minor in comparison with the ceiling. For this, set up a wall mounted shelf directly above the refrigerator and now you can have a few square feet of space instantly in your kitchen.

Shelves: Usually, the size of a kitchen counter in depth is 21’ to 24”. The under cabinet is also of the same size. But all the upper space of under cabinet remains unused. What if you install shelves in these cabinets? And much better if those shelves are on a railing rather than normal shelving.

Cabinet Doors: Cabinet doors are the space, which are most commonly overlooked in the kitchen. To make the optimum use of cabinet doors, you just have to paint the inner sides of the doors with chalkboard paint. Now you are able to use this space to hang your shopping list, towels, cling wrap and foils.

Kitchen Walls: In most of the Indian kitchens, this is always a shortage of space for a breakfast table within kitchen. As a solution to this, install a wall mounted folding table which can be opened whenever required. You can team it up with a few folding chairs.

Kitchen Sink: The sinks in your kitchen are mostly under mount. And they need a cut in your countertop for installation. So, instead of this go for a temporary sink and use materials which are light in weight, such as a wooden slab to adjust this kitchen space.

Flexible Space: When you have limited space in your kitchen then think vertically instead of horizontally. A cart with vertical shelving provides you much storage space and it looks tidy too.

The simple trick to look your kitchen bigger is to keep essentials at hand rather than all the stuff on the countertop. Large windows are good enough to make your kitchen ventilated. Use light and bright colors. Small kitchens are kind of tough challenges to design. You can consult a professional interior designer for if you want to renovate your kitchen.

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